What place are you most grateful for?

Most grateful for the places that I get to share love and friendship with others, especially family!  So at this point in my life that place would have to be my apartment Community Room. I share meals there with friends and family, have parties there, and do jigsaw puzzles, watch TV or just visit with others.  A place of joy and lots of laughter!


Day 8 What book are you most grateful for?
I read anything and everything I lay hands on, BUT I am most grateful for “The Bible”, which is one book I have never attempted to sit and read page by page, However, I read some of it every day and am very thankful it is there to serve as a guiding foundation for the way I try to live.

Day 7 Happy birthday Chooch!

First, happy birthday to my ex-husband, Chooch!

Day 7 What memories are you grateful for?
All my memories make me grateful for those who have passed through my life, those who are gone, but especially the memories of watching my children and grandchildren growing from birth to the present!

Day 6

Day 6 What are you grateful in Nature for?
Flowers and rainbows are probably the best things for me and as I love them both it is hard to pick just one of them. Rainbows remind me after the storms in my life there is always a rainbow somewhere. Flowers just remind me there is beauty all around and we just have to look to see it.

Day 5 of Gratitude

Day 5 What sound are you grateful for?
Again I love a lot of sounds, but my favorite is the sound of laughter, especially the innocent laughter of babies and children.
When I am caring for my grandsons and the youngest is watching funny videos, his laughter warms my heart so much and makes even a bad day seem better!

April 4th

DAY 4 What food are you most grateful for?
All food but a very good bread is my go to when I am feeling sad, happy, or whatever. This is not store bought white bread, but homemade or something unique. Bread is after all the “life giving substance”