January 18th

Day 4

Being around positive people who love is important for our self esteem, but first love yourself so others know you are worth loving unconditionally.  You are beautiful and worth love.

Bad night as far as sleeping goes, but again up at 7 to feed and medicate and get youngest ready for school. I had mixed up homemade pancakes before bed last night and so boys had turkey bacon and 2 pancakes, while I had 1 egg and 2 pancakes.  Both boys helped feed dogs and take care of them. Then BabyJ out the door before 8 to get to school. After getting a load of laundry in dryer and running dishwasher, I got me time to play around on computer.

BabyJ came home from school early sick, but I figured he might as he had a very rough night, headache and stomach ache, without fever.  Took him to Dollar General with me to get the rest of supper needs.  We are having Mexican tonight; enchilada casserole, refried beans, tortilla chips with salsa, and maybe rice if peeps want it.  Oh yeah, while I was there grabbed two Xmas items for $.25 each, a box of 36 cards and a small box of peppermint sticks.


Very tasty supper and leftovers for tomorrow.

January 17th

Day 3 There is always something positive you can do right now

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  C. S. Lewis

Aim for dreams but each day it is important to do a positive step towards it and also one positive thing that you can do to improve the world around you.

So I forgot to attach a picture of my supper so here it is.  It truly was delicious.0116171557

So up at 7, get the youngest showered and fed, dressed and medication, lunch made and packed, then out the door to his mom’s car and headed to school.  Dogs were fed after my breakfast of 2 eggs and 2 crusts of bread.

Today’s list of chores at Maggie’s house:prepare and cook supper, care for the dogs, and pick up BabyJ at 1:50 PM.  I had a peanut butter and strawberry toast sandwich and 3 mozzarella cheese sicks for lunch and a homemade chia beverage, cranberry flavored today.

Before I went to school I already had the chicken in the oven cooking and had made the boys a Bundt chocolate cake.  Once BabyJ was home he got to pick the sides and vegetable, his choice farfelle  plus pasta (has extra protein and stuff in it) and green beans.  The chicken was half done in Honey baked recipe and the other was just roasted plain. The plain chicken was then de-boned and pulled apart as it will be chicken enchiladas tomorrow.0117171535

As the picture shows it was so good looking and tasted good.  The boys and I ate a slice of the cake for an after supper snack.

Going to try to make some homemade pancakes for boys breakfast with turkey bacon. So time for bed.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” –Martin Luther King, Jr

Day 3 There is always something positive you can do right now.

So both of these remind us that the little things are needed to add up to bigger and better things, in so many ways it may be hard to remember, but people respond to a smile almost as much as anything else.

So got up later then I planned but took off to go to the hospital as soon as I dressed for quarterly blood work up, which was a fasting test.  So once test was done, I needed food and coffee as soon as possible.  I went through McDonald’s got me a large coffee and the special which was 2 egg McMuffins for $3.50, so total breakfast cost $4.86 but needed the fuel to get home and ate the second sandwich for my lunch along with a cup of fruit salad.

Supper was brown rice with Beef stir-fry. New recipe it tasted good.  And I also had cake and milk as a snack.  Calories in today 1,100, and burnt 1,533 calories. Walked 1.2 miles.  Good day in my book.  Time to get youngest to bed and chill out.

January 15th

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

Day 2 Determination outdoes doubt.  This quote and daily thought should remind us  that we can do anything if we determine we can, 1 step at a time.

Very short post today as a Migraine is keeping my day off close to the bed.  Breakfast/lunch as 2 scrambled eggs with about 1/3 of  a leftover stuffed pretzel mixed in. The rest of the day was just snacking as cooking was not possible and not even looking like a doable thing.  So fruit salad, ice cream and honey mustard pretzels is what’s to eat.  Tomorrow morning I have to  go to the hospital for fasting blood work so early to bed tonight.

Still working on my e-book idea when I feel up to typing today which has been all I got accomplished.

January 14th

I forgot to mention that my son and daughter from-another-mother had a wonderful Anniversary yesterday, sometimes it seems they have been together forever and other days it seems my daughter from-another-mother blessed us by becoming a member of our family just now.  Happy Anniversary son and daughter!

So I plan to start a new item to this blog, a quote to appreciate will continue, and I will add a 7 day plan to improve ourselves.  Today’s quote “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” John D Rockefeller.  And the first day item, Day 1. You matter in so many more ways than you realize.  We all need to remember we matter to at least one other person, in the very least, more than we will every know.  Also what appears to be “Good” in our life may be the one thing holding us back to reach something “Great”.

Up at a little after 7 AM, made my breakfast, welcomed Maggie home from working her 12 hour shift over night, fed the dogs with help from Cubester, and then fed BabyJ when he got up at 8. BabyJ made almost all  supper Macaroni and cheese home made, BBQ chicken breast piece, and green  beans. Lunch was Maggie’s special rice  for Cubester and me, while BabyJ had white rice with butter.

Heading home and resting for the night.  As tomorrow will be my only day home to try to get everything done there.


January 13th

” Be a role model of happiness and joy, which will pull everyone- – including yourself – -upward.” Doreeen Virtue, Ph.D.

Up at 7 and fed boys, and prepared school lunch for youngest. I also ate my breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 slices of toast, and a cup of coffee.  I fed dogs with Cubester and then got the youngest to school before 8.  WHEW!  BUSY HOUR!

So I then went to the bank and then to Aldi’s to get a few items needed for supper and other things. I wanted Chia seeds to make my own drink, like a “Mamma Chia drink.  It worked so well!  I added the reconstituted Chia with warm water and after it refrigerated for a bit, I added V-8 Super berry juice. VERY YUMMY.  And my cost for this was less than $.72 for more than ten ounces.  The picture shows the beginning prep.0113171214

Lunch was some pizza and bread sticks that Maggie brought us from work leftovers.  Supper was 2 types of honey chicken, one baked and one fried, to taste test for BabyJ for school lunches.  We also had instant mashed potatoes and beets.  Spending some more down time tonight and doing a load of laundry before bed.

January 12th

Thought of the day – – – FRAZZELED? There’s a five minute fix!  With rush, rush, rushing becoming the new normal, it’s no wonder we’re all feeling the pressure!  But no matter how hectic things get, there’s always time to let something wait – – –  which makes more time for smiles.  Which is what life’s all about! Woman’s World.  We all need to start trimming down the to-do list we create either on paper or in our heads.  Determine what is a necessity, what would be nice to get done, and what can keep a day or more or is just not really necessary to worry about.

So I had a very rough night and not a much better start to the day, but I need to push through as it is three days of caring for the boys now.  Breakfast 2 slices of bacon and 2 eggs, not even coffee this morning.

Lunch was 2 slices of toast with peanut butter with an orange, with a cup of coffee drank over the afternoon.  Supper was Maggie’s special rice which includes; white rice, adobo, sazon, kidney beans and Spanish stuffed olives.  As sides we had green beans and Polish sausage.

So I am still taking it easy the rest of the night and will have some fruit before bed.