August 5th and 6th

So the 5th was a different day, ate breakfast very late and was not even hungry at that point.  This was 2 eggs with the last of my leftover pork with pepper and onions.  Because I wasn’t that hungry I shared with my fur grand babies.20190805_123803

Then Maggie, my daughter, bought Domino’s for a very late supper.  I ate 2 slices of 5 cheese pizza, 1 spinach stuffed bread and 2 small garlic twists.  I was way over daily carbohydrates but super under in calories. This gave me a .5 pound weight gain on the morning of the 6th, no big deal but because I am tracking weight daily it is an indicator of how diet does effect my weight and health20190805_165605

So before bed I made 7 egg bites which has a bacon/sausage mix, spinach, and provolone with 1 egg in each cup.  I also boiled 5 eggs for snacks and salad for the rest of the week.20190805_182333

So on the 6th I fasted for over 13 hours but did drink Collagen boosted coffee.  So breakfast was 2 of the egg bites I made last night while I watched a class from Keto Edge Summit relating to pets and Keto, while drinking some of the Collagen boosted coffee.20190806_094527

Lunch was 2 hard boiled eggs, 3 pieces of frozen avocado, 1 Tablespoon avocado mayo.20190806_114349

And supper was a super meal without bloat, steak, loaded fresh green beans, and sauteed zucchini.20190806_172419

It was a super good eating day!


August 4, 2019

So I did the second half of my grocery shopping at Aldi’s this morning and all though I spent more then I figured it was all good as some stuff will last more then a month.  More on that in a bit.  I started the day prepping food I already have. The first thing I needed to do was fry up the half pound of bacon to use for breakfasts and Cobb salad.  Below is the last of the bacon cooking and the bowl has the part already cooked.20190804_083731

And the picture below shows my Bacon, Spinach, Grape Tomatoes, and Provolone cheese omelet, although it fell apart when I flipped it, the taste was unbelievable.20190804_091125

Last night I wanted something semi-sweet so I manipulated the following ingredients: cream cheese, crunchy peanut butter, coconut milk, and some hot cocoa mix to create a pudding of sorts.  It is very good!


And here is my grocery haul from Aldi’s which I thought might be around $25.00 and instead it was $42.67. That is okay as some of the stuff will last more than a month. I got everything I needed for the 5 to 10 days of meals with extra stuff like some pumpkin seeds for a snack, seltzer water to help get fluids in, pork rinds for snacks, frozen Avocados were a new find so I grabbed a bag, riced cauliflower to help fill the meal plan out.  All of these things are in line with my eating plan.  So total spent this week $70.64, and if the food only lasts 10 days it is $7.06 a day when my normal goal is $5.00, so Keto costs a bit more then Carb eating but is healthier for me, so the trade off is okay with me.20190804_120821Supper for me and my oldest grandson, Cubester, was egg roll in a bowl with Caprese tomatoes. It was so yummy and he wanted more, LOL, always a good sign when a grandson asks for more food. He was at work so when I picked him up, I had the portion for him to eat in a thermos. He ate like a starving boy while I drove him home. 20190804_141942

So while I ate I was cooking the best chicken ever courtesy of It is cooked upside down from the normal way most people roast a chicken, breast side down.  What this does is make the back so crispy it crinkles when touched, and the breast is tender, moist, and delicious.  You can see the bubbling juices in the pan, which tasted so good I could have drank it.20190804_151041I took the chicken all apart and the bones were placed in a pot with water, the juices, bones, celery, and an onion to which cider vinegar was added to produce some chicken bone broth.  It will cook all night on low.


The meat and skin are in the picture below with the skin in the small container and the meat in the other 2 bowls.  If the skin looses its crispness I will bake it to make cracklins like you do with pork. The meat will make at least 4 meals probably more. So tomorrow I will make egg cups and more. But I am done for the night.20190804_171859



AUGUST beginning a new day

As August begins, I am trying to gain control of my health through better eating.  I am doing as strict a Keto style diet as I can afford. Below is part of this weeks grocery haul needed for the week ahead.  My food for the week will be : Egg cups or eggs and bacon or sausage for breakfast, salad with tuna/crab/ or another protein for lunch, supper will be protein(chicken/sausage or ground beef), vegetables and salad, snacks are hard boiled eggs, cheese, peanut butter with celery or peanut butter by itself.  Maybe other things as it comes up. I have things like mayo, some tuna, etc already in my possession. As you can see I got $52.98 worth of food for $27.97, not too bad. Still have to buy tomorrow: Whole chicken, 2 bags frozen vegetables, 1 pound butter, 1 dozen eggs, 1 pound ground beef or other fatty meat, breakfast sausage, block cheese, salad dressing, cream cheese, maybe another bag of almond flour for morning toast, and mozzarella for fathead pizza.which because I am going to Aldi’s should be around another $25.00.  This menu is based on what I learned form They said $50.00 for 2 people for 5 days, so I am close to that amount and as 1 person this should do me for 10 days. You can see the video here,


I will post the pictures and rest of the groceries tomorrow.20190803_180757

June 2, 2019

Started Sunday out lazy as usual, running slow but moving as grandson needed to go to work. So I cooked him a small breakfast and continued my morning fast with just my heated up coffee. But the boy needed more food to last through his shift so we headed to McDonald’s for his large drink then Burger King for his croissant and a biscuit breakfast sandwich.  I was getting hungry and had to wait for his drop off  time so I ate  BK sausage biscuit sandwich for my breakfast. Then I went home and ended up going back to sleep because cold and rainy doesn’t encourage activity.

So my one other meal today was Polish sausage, pasta salad, and fruit salad made from Misfits fruit and some Aldi’s strawberries.  YUMMY20190602_154540

Close up of the fruit, so delicious! Strawberry, mango, peach, apple, and pear.20190602_164525

Then I ended the day’s eating/drinking with a gift from my daughter, a bag of Cheetos and a fountain cola. Yep done with intake by 9 PM so all good.  So having trouble with my breathing and energy means one of my yearly habits falling behind is my reading.


June 2019

So started out this month with resting later than usual, but with no running needed until the late afternoon.  AT 11 AM had a very large coffee with cream, Girl Scout Chocolate Peanut Butter K-cup coffee, YUMMY!

Then as I had to take the boy to work and feed him we enjoyed a brunch out at KFC. He had his T-8 taco meal while I had the 4 piece chicken tenders and each of us had a  cinnamon biscuit.  He was hungry so he ate all of his meal and half of my chicken, LOL.  It was good! While I was away my Misfit box came in.20190601_151025This box has: a butternut squash, 4 large red potatoes, 5 small onions, a bunch of green onions, kale, 2 baby bok choy, a head of leaf lettuce, 3 tomatoes, a grapefruit, 3 peaches, 2 yellow summer squash, one super large beet, and 4 apples. So from some of this I made a light omelet style supper, with some lettuce leaves underneath. The omelet had kale, onion, eggs, milk, Feta cheese, and tomato.  VERY YUMMY!  Hard to say what the cost of this meal would be as the whole box of produce was only $17 including shipping and handling, and the eggs were $.55 a dozen.  But a good nutritious healthy cheap meal, nonetheless.

OMG May is final going to be over!

May has been another month of being too sick to do anything!  I am hoping this year starts to be better, as 3 of the 5 months I have been sick.

So starting tomorrow, I will again try to be aware of what I eat and the cost of each thing.  I have started ordering from Misfits Markets and have received 2 boxes so far, if I can fit it into my monthly budget, I want to subscribe at least Bi-Weekly.  They offer produce labeled as “Ugly” and unable to be sold in stores.  The quality of the foods is not affected by the outside blemishes and so far I have not had anything bad enough to be tossed.  Here is a picture of the stuff in my first box: a clam shell of greens, an acorn squash, 2 sweet green peppers, a leek, 7 small red potatoes, 2 zucchini, 6 tangelos, 3 mangoes, a bunch of baby kale, 2 baby bok choy, 4 pears, and 5 hot peppers, I treated them as Jalapenos.20190524_143629

So far I have made: cheese stuffed Jalapeno poppers, potato-leek soup, acorn squash baked rings, sauteed bok choy, the peppers were fried for Italian sausage sandwiches, zucchinis were made into zucchini-parmesan fritters, and I just ate the tangelos, pear and mango straight up yummy.


This is the box the produce comes in, with everything being compostable and “green” including the wrapping around the vegetables which are reusable green produce bags which can be reused multiple times until you choose to put it into a compost pile.

So for the days between June 1st and June 9th I will try to buy nothing new, as I have a bit of food leftover which I will use.  It is mostly frozen, but I do have another box of produce coming tomorrow also.  I have a flexible plan at this point.

Breakfasts are 2 eggs with some cheese or vegetables. I am also condensing the hours I eat so mostly I will have 2 meals and a snack or 2, also know as IF, Intermittent Fasting. Generally I will eat within a 10 hour window or less each day.  So when I wake up I will just have coffee with cream or black for a couple of hours and water.

The main meal will be 4 or less ounces of protein with vegetables and something like riced cauliflower, regular rice, pasta, or potato.  I have ground chicken, ground beef, Italian sausage, and Polish sausage. Some burger and hot dog rolls, and several skinny sandwich bread.  Today I bought some strawberries to use as a snack or dessert.

I am also still working on the things I have to do for the new medical issues I have. as well as still trying to meditate and clean up emails.  So I am keeping up as much as I can with my year’s goals.  Even if I can’t get on each day to blog I will keep a running record of food and prices with my meals and other purchases. As of right now I really have no plans for purchases, but with at least 2 medical visits this month, 1 out of town, hard to tell what expense will be involved beyond travel expenses.



May 7, 2019

So it was a very rough week, as I had imagined.  I ended up going to the doctor’s in an emergency visit as I was getting worse. I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and given medicine and an inhaler for the breathing difficulty.  I am still not feeling well, but life has to go on.

My youngest grandson was still sick and stayed home from school.  I had an appointment with my sleep doctor’s office and we will be having further testing to see if there are changes needed with my treatment plan.  So I am a Senior citizen with multiple medical issues, Sleep Apnea being a big one I deal with.  Every night I must wear my Bi-Pap machine in order to keep breathing through the night. Not comfortable or fun, but by being compliant with this I feel better generally and feel that it has helped to bring my high blood pressure down into the normal range.

Breakfast was 2 eggs and a half of a skinny bread.  Lunch after the doctor appointment was a Burger King Chicken Jr. sandwich with one of their $.50 large coffees. And below you can see supper which was my version of Italian Wedding soup with fresh grated Parmesan cheese and Texas toast.  Snack tonight was 2 slices of bread with cream cheese and butter.

20190507_152747 (1)