Day 200 of 2018, JULY 19

So I started my day sort of on my plan.  Up at 6:15 and I had 1/2 hour to myself to think, then got Older grandson up and off to work after a breakfast at home.  I ate almost my usual, 2 eggs and 2 slices whole wheat bread with 1 Teaspoon butter.  I had the bread as I knew it would be a full and busy running day.  So after  I dropped off my things at my apartment it was time to take Cubester to work.  We stopped at McDonald’s to get his grandpa a couple of sandwiches and we got a drink for ourselves.

When he got out of the car I headed to my apartment complex to deliver the breakfast sandwiches and get the grocery list from my ex husband.  I then returned to my apartment to see what I personally needed to get for groceries short term, until Sunday.  So after a little work on fixing my internet connection, I was off to shop and grab the kid to return him to his home.  Method to my madness, as before I took him home, he carried in our groceries, HEHE!  I even bought the boy a meal and had a single Burger King Chicken Jr. as my lunch.

So after Cubester was dropped at home I returned to the apartments and took care of groceries for the Ex and myself also.  Then I returned to my place to do some more sorting and downsizing before supper. My supper was a NEVER ANY Sausage, Apple chicken style, with iceberg lettuce, blueberries, onion crisps, Parmesan cheese, a couple of Rosemary salted almonds, and a drizzle of Italian dressing.  Then after I had finished dishes and as I was recording my food diary, my eldest daughter, text and asked me to come visit with her at her dad’s place.  That was fine as he and I had planned to work on a puzzle after supper anyways.

So we fixed his internet connection and got him online, and the daughter helped get the puzzles down off the high shelf and set up the card table.  After our daughter left, the ex and I  only worked on the puzzle for a little over 2 hours and managed to finish it.

So I returned to my own apartment, got my BiPap machine ready for bed, and had a snack of .6 oz Doritos with 1 ounce of Monterey Jack cheese.  After finishing my diary, I found I am  just about perfect on food today, as I was below calories, and just about spot on in each category.  Not bad for a first day of working on my affirmations, and goals!  So I am off to bed, to sleep until I wake with no alarms set!  And we shall see if I can continue a good path during my vacation.


JULY 17, 2018

It gets crazy around here in the summer!  One would think without the young one going to school, there would be much more free time, but it is not happening.  Appointments keep happening, the oldest grandson needs rides to and from work, and I have been sickly, and the list keeps going.

This week I have tried to FOCUS my well being by, “Let go of the excess and keep what is real.”  Sometimes the trivia stuff seems to take control of my mind and my life, so it is important to try to remember this each day.

I also am trying to use “SAVERS” to tap into a better life.  This is short for a way to start my day:

S – start each day with silence, try to tap into my own inner wisdom by shutting out the rest of the world for at least 5 minutes.

A – affirmations, these must be rooted in truth and have meaning with my 4 step plan to make my life better; 1.)what am I committed to?, 2.) why am I committed to this?, 3.) what will I do to generate that result? And  4.) When will I take those actions?  So I am working on this, to make my affirmations be real for me.

V visualization , see the steps to reach my goals in my mind

E – exercise , for even 5 minutes to get my energy moving and keep healthy.

R – read, we are all just 1 book away from greatness, and reading is the way to find all our needs and the way to help them.

S – scribe or journal, writing out what my thoughts and  actions are/have been doing the day and any time I can do this, will also show me what changes I need to make.

These steps should make me more aware of the changes I need and what successes I have had.

So tomorrow starts my daughter, Maggie’s, vacation,which means it is also the beginning of mine.  I have no plans to travel but will spend my time working on my apartment and catching up with friends.

April 5, Day 95 of 2018

Day 95 – “Words are powerful  The sound of a positive word can illuminate your path.  Be mindful of the words that you say and those that you keep close to your heart.”  I wish people would be more aware of this, especially to children.

“Even tiptoeing is moving forward!” Baby steps are often better then giant steps.  Because sometimes going slower helps habits become real.

Supper was a burger with a sort of take on gnocchi soup. I increased my steps over yesterday even though I slept in due to very little sleep during the night because of power outage.  I still had to take the older grandson to work for 4 hours and get some relaxation in my day! Didn’t read today because eyes wee too tired.

April 4, day 94

Day 94- “Freedom to think and stand on your own takes courage.  Fear propels us to attach to others.  Being too dependent on others isn’t really living.  When we hang too closely, our journey is hindered.  In order to be free, we must be fully accountable for where our choices lead us in life.  The key to having real happiness is taking full responsibility.  Be free like a butterfly, free to fly alone.  Let no one hold you back.”  I don’t let others make my choices, in fact I truly enjoy solitude when I find it!

Your smile shines brighter than the sun, moon, and stars! A smile is such a powerful thing.

So this is very late as we lost power yesterday, but supper was eaten before the power  Steps were met and goals achieved.went out.  We had Steak, Maggie’s rice and some macaroni salad.

April 3, day 93

Day 93 – “Conjure up the highest thought you can think about yourself each morning before starting your day.  Cradle it in the palm of your hand; hold it in your mind and heart.  This is who you really are!  Forget the rest;  forget the fears of the voices from the past.  You have the courage to take the next step and become who you want to be.”  This daily thought goes along with the day’s quote, Happiness is mine to take.  Each night I mentally plan my next day, which makes the following day go so much smoother.Each morning is a new start for me, no past just the present and the  future.

Say yes to happiness, and happiness happens! I can choose to be sad or happy, but I choose Happy!

It was a very busy day!  Maggie and he oldest grandson had appointments out of town so they were gone all day, leaving me and the youngest to enjoy ourselves together.  After BabyJ had breakfast and a nap we went to Denny’s Restaurant for lunch.  Then we shopped at Dollar Tree where we purchased snacks.  Then on to Aldi’s to get the weeks groceries for the meal plan Mr. Fussy (BabyJ) agreed to eat.  And lastly on to Save A Lot to pick up the groceries that we hadn’t found elsewhere.

So our meal plan, not to be eaten on any specific day, Homemade Macaroni and Cheese with burgers, Spaghetti and meatballs, Gnocchi with chicken, meatloaf and mashed potato, steak with Mexican rice, Italian sausage with french fries, and lastly tacos with rice.

I met my daily goals and killed my steps due to all the shopping.

April 2, day 92 of 2018

Day 92 – “Try a new healthy sport with a friend or as a family.  It’s a healthy way to bond,  get your workout in,  and try something new.  Keep your fitness fun and competitive.”  I just keep moving and have not tried something new yet, but hopefully with Spring stating (I HOPE) the youngest grandson and I can get outside more in the yard and move more outside.

Day 2 of the week- You are braver than any fear.”  Fear can only hold me back if I let it!

Busy day on the road then working on beading projects so did NOT get all my steps in today.  But cooked all meals at home, supper was white rice with salsa and sour cream and home made Turkey enchiladas. I read a lot today and meditated.


APRIL 1, 2018, the 91st day of this year! You Deserve…

You deserve good things!  You can do anything you set your mind to!  People who live their dreams all have something in common, and it’s something anyone can copy.  The simple secret:  They achieved in large part because they believed – in positive outcomes and in themselves!  Put hope in charge and there’s no stopping you!

Day 91 – “You are what you eat.  No amount of exercise can reshape your body without proper nutrition.   You will never regret the results of clean eating  and daily exercise.  Build your diet around fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seed.  Make peace with living a healthy lifestyle in body, mind, and spirit.”    I am working on establishing a healthy lifestyle in every way.  Watching what I eat and trying to move more is for my body, reading and learning is for my mind, and meditation and mindfulness is for the growth of my soul.

 Weekly Inspiration : Day 1 –Life is good.  You’re one reason why!  Life is good and each person in my life is one reason why.

Today is Easter and a quite day here, supper was macaroni and cheese, pesto for Maggie and I  and plain for the boys, along with leftover ham slices.  Because it was a lazy day my steps were not as good as they should have been, but I kept moving